Clicks in partnership with Cnnect removes all barriers to learning and development, improving Employee Engagement

October 28, 2022

Learning and development (L&D) in any organisation will always remain a crucial component for organisational growth. It allows the business to remain resilient against challenges related to retaining talent and closing the skills gap.

In early 2021, globally, businesses were still experiencing several challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the major challenges experienced by Clicks was to upskill their staff.

As a result, Cnnect™ and Clicks began a journey to resolve this issue, with the aim to provide effective learning solutions to Clicks healthcare professionals. The Cnnect App proved to be the solution for 1,700 dispensary staff during 2021. During that time a greater understanding was gained of the Clicks organisation and its L&D needs which is how Clicks-Ed Cnnect came into effect in June 2022.

Since the launch of Clicks-Ed Cnnect, Clicks has around 5,400 dispensary staff using the app. There has been an astounding uptake of the application and its offerings, from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to product boosts, standard broadcasts, and much more.

“We boast an engagement rate of 75% throughout all training exercises sent to the Clicks staff and are constantly working on enhancing their experience. To ensure that all staff are able to access learning at no cost, Cnnect has zero-rated the app for all Clicks employees, meaning that learning is accessible on any device at no personal cost,” says JP Pretorius, Head of Operations at Cnnect.

While businesses globally and in South Africa are still tackling the strain of Employee Engagement, retaining talent and bridging the skills gap, it is vital to invest in the right areas of the business that speaks to immediate and future growth.

“We are now expanding to provide learning to Clicks front shop staff and hope to soon provide access to all 20,000 staff within the Clicks organisation,” concludes Pretorius.