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We offer an array of unique media opportunities across multiple categories and locations in-store. Several of our products have set best practice standards for our clients’ global retail advertising strategies.

Our state-of-the-art offerings are designed to revolutionise the way brands connect with audiences in retail spaces. Whether you’re seeking dynamic in-store experiences, captivating digital displays, or strategic brand visibility, our solutions unlock unparalleled success in retail advertising.

Digital Shelf Strips

Reshaping the Retail Experience

Representing a groundbreaking evolution

in in-store advertising, Digital Shelf Strips strategically position themselves on retail shelves to command shopper attention during crucial purchasing moments. Leveraging captivating moving imagery, these dynamic displays go beyond being passive advertising tools.

Digital Shelf Strips elevate

shelf performance and create an immersive shopping environment that transcends conventional displays. In doing so, they not only capture the eyes of potential customers but also foster unparalleled engagement, transforming routine shopping trips into memorable and interactive experiences.


Dynamic Displays

Digital Shelf Strips deliver captivating moving imagery, disrupting the static shelf environment.

Tailored Brand Messaging

Customise brand communication with ease, leveraging existing TV commercial collateral or creating new visuals.

Highlighting Product USPs

Showcase Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) effectively, influencing customers with key product features and benefits.

Exclusivity in Category Booking

Secure exclusive placement within a product category, ensuring focused and uncluttered brand messaging.


Harness the power of your shelf space with Digital Shelf Strips, revolutionising the retail landscape.

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