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We offer an array of unique media opportunities across multiple categories and locations in-store. Several of our products have set best practice standards for our clients’ global retail advertising strategies.

Our state-of-the-art offerings are designed to revolutionise the way brands connect with audiences in retail spaces. Whether you’re seeking dynamic in-store experiences, captivating digital displays, or strategic brand visibility, our solutions unlock unparalleled success in retail advertising.

Smart Q & Shop

Boost Your Brand in Retail Environments

Smart Q & Shop

is a leading-edge in-store advertising solution intricately designed to not only elevate brand visibility but also serve as a potent catalyst for boosting sales in the vibrant and bustling landscape of retail spaces. This solution also offers a strategic approach to captivate the attention of consumers and enhance brand recognition.

Positioned thoughtfully

in high-traffic areas, our Smart Q & Shop offering seamlessly transforms routine customer traffic and queueing times into invaluable opportunities for delivering impactful and persuasive brand messaging that captures the attention of a highly engaged audience.


Secondary Product Positioning

Showcase and carry promoted products, ensuring immediate availability for customers.

Large Visual Touchpoints

Strategically positioned for captivating advertising opportunities, communicating key product features, promotions, and discounts.

High Dwell Time Areas

Integrated into OTC and dispensary sections, where customers spend extended time, enhancing brand visibility.


Smart Q & Shop provides a valuable opportunity to enhance visibility, engage customers, and boost sales.

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