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Shop front windows offer untapped brand exposure and income-generating opportunities. We’re experts at unlocking this value, creating dazzling static and digital displays for retailers and their vendors.

Say hello to Smart Windows, a fusion of cutting-edge in-store advertising solutions crafted by Smart Media. Whether you’re looking for dynamic engagement or visual artistry, our Smart Digital and Smart Static Windows redefine how your brand captivates audiences.

Smart Digital Windows

Engage & Captivate

Smart Digital Windows signify a revolutionary leap forward in the landscape of in-store advertising, fundamentally transforming how FMCG brands engage with their target audience. These innovative windows leverage cutting-edge technology to provide a dynamic and interactive platform, redefining the traditional concept of static displays.

At the core of this revolution is the ability of Smart Digital Windows to capture attention with unparalleled efficacy. Unlike conventional advertising methods that may struggle to stand out in the crowded retail environment, these windows employ vibrant visuals, high-resolution displays, and captivating multimedia content.


Large Format Impact

Varying sizes tailored to each store’s window dimensions.

Remote Installation

Quick deployment without hassle.

Exclusive Slots

Only 8 slots are available, ensuring maximum flighting impact.


Smart Static Windows

The Artistry of Imprint

Smart Static Windows introduce a novel avenue for brands to convey their essence, distinctive attributes, and product highlights within a retail space. Serving as a dynamic canvas, these windows transcend the traditional static displays, offering an opportunity for a more engaging and immersive communication strategy.

These innovative windows become a visual storytelling medium where brands can articulate their core values, showcasing what sets them apart from the competition. Whether it’s a dedication to quality, or a unique brand personality, Smart Static Windows enable a captivating representation that resonates with the values of potential customers.


Prominent Display

Large static placement on the shop front.

Designs crafted to harmonise with the store’s aesthetics.


Transform every glance into a brand connection with Smart Windows by Smart Media.

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