Enhance Your In-Store Advertising with Smart Digital Windows

July 3, 2023

In the fast world of retail, making a strong first impression is crucial. A visually appealing and well crafted window display can make all the difference in the customer’s journey, enticing them to enter the store, rather than just walking past.

Even though static window displays may be considered a more traditional method, they still hold immense power for retail businesses to showcase their brand, products and imaginative ideas. The tailored nature of Smart Static Windows ensures that the media maximises the use of space and provides optimum value to brands, retailers and consumers alike.

The Pros of Utilising Smart Static Window Displays

Smart Static Window Displays have advantages that continue to make them a popular choice for FMCG brand messaging in retail stores. Their prime placement and large-scale appearance offer multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at the specific features and benefits of this brilliant in-store advertising solution.

Visual Storytelling

Smart Media’s Static Window displays act like a large canvas for telling stories, giving retailers the opportunity to create narratives that connect with customers. The visually appealing nature of this solution offers advertisers the chance to make an emotional connection with the audience with eye-catching and relevant content. For instance, they can use a captivating image of a beach to highlight a summer collection. These displays evoke feelings and curiosity which entice customers to enter the store.

Generate Consumer Interest

Smart Static Windows give a glimpse of what customers can expect to find when they step inside the store. Taking advantage of the high-traffic locations near the storefront, with designs that are matched to the physical footprint of the store, this media solution provides the opportunity to showcase specific products and messages to generate shopper interest. These attention-grabbing displays often attract people who are already in a buying mindset and provide these potential customers with an incentive to step into your store to do their shopping.

Seasonal and Event Themes

Using Static Windows displays is a simple and elegant way to stay in sync with the seasons, holidays or any special occasions. Being placed at a key touchpoint in the shopper journey, with such large-scale visuals, makes this in-store advertising medium a powerful option to communicate seasonal or event-based messaging. For example, a winter sale can be considerably amplified when exhibited on this media solution.

Brand Identity

The way you present your store window reflects the personality of your brand. It should align with your brand’s style, colours and values. Our team helps make sure that the display effectively conveys the essence of your brand and connects with your intended audience. “The medium is the message”, as Marshall McLuhan said, and this medium imparts a powerful message to customers, which helps to enforce brand recognition and recall long after they’re finished shopping.

Drive Foot Traffic

With such an impact on passing foot traffic, the Smart Static Windows often drive that traffic into the store. Through impressive visuals and bespoke designs that suit the individual store, passersby are prompted to enter and explore. It’s an opportunity for retailers to capture more of the foot traffic available. More people in store often translates into more sales.

In the ever-changing world of retail, Smart Static Windows continue to be a tool for captivating and engaging customers. These displays have an ability to generate interest, convey brand values, evoke emotions and attract shoppers. By combining creativity, storytelling and a dash of innovation, retail businesses can transform their storefronts into mesmerising experiences that encourage customers to come in and take a look around.

Contact the Smart Media team to find out how Smart Static Windows can be used to best suit your in-store advertising needs.