Smart Grab & Go

Revolutionising in-store advertising with Smart Q & Shop

May 29, 2023

In the fast-paced world of retail, capturing customers’ attention and influencing their purchasing decisions can be hugely challenging for brands. However, if we pause to consider the host of creative opportunities that arise from vying for the curiosity of diverse yet equally demanding buyers, brands could unlock the true potential of success in this dynamic industry.

Take Smart Media’s Q & Shop, a revolutionary in-store advertising solution, for example. With it, brands have access to a powerful tool to maximise brand exposure and drive sales in retail environments. Specifically designed for over-the-counter (OTC) areas and dispensary sections, this innovative solution leverages high customer traffic and queueing times to deliver compelling brand messaging and product promotion.

We explore the features and benefits of Smart Q & Shop, highlighting its value for the decision-makers involved in shopper marketing, retail, and FMCG industries.

Secondary Product Positioning

One of the key features of Q & Shop is its ability to provide secondary product positioning. By integrating a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) into the top portion of the component, the solution allows brands to showcase and hold their promoted products near the queue or dispensary areas. This feature ensures that the advertised products are readily available for purchase, offering customers convenience and driving immediate sales.

Captivating Large Visuals

Smart Q & Shop incorporates strategically placed visuals on either side of the queue management archway. These posters serve as captivating advertising platforms, enabling brands to communicate key product features, special promotions, discounts, or any other relevant information to their target audience. By capitalising on customers’ immediate proximity to the OTC or dispensary areas, Q & Shop effectively captures attention and reinforces brand recognition at a key point during the shopper journey.

High Dwell Time Area

Speaking of brand awareness, Smart Q & Shop is strategically located in high dwell time areas within the store. Whether it’s customers waiting in queues or consulting with dispensary staff, these sections offer extended opportunities for consumer engagement. By leveraging these dwell times, the solution enhances brand visibility reinforcing product awareness and consideration, while allowing customers to absorb brand messaging.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the features, let’s delve into the compelling benefits the Q & Shop solution offers brands seeking to maximise sales in a highly cost-effective manner. 

Value Addition to Existing Infrastructure

Smart Q & Shop seamlessly integrates into the existing queue management infrastructure of retail stores. By utilising the space efficiently and offering a secondary product positioning, it adds value to the overall store layout.

Easy Installation

Smart Q & Shop units are delivered to stores and are easy to install. The simplicity of the installation process ensures minimal disruption to operations, allowing brands to quickly deploy their advertising campaigns and start driving sales.

Conversion Opportunities & Increased Sales

With its prime positioning and captivating advertising capabilities, Q & Shop increases the rate of sales and provides more opportunities to convert, change, or trigger buying behaviour. By capturing customers’ attention during their wait or shopping time in the OTC or dispensary areas, brands can influence their purchase decisions and drive sales.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Smart Q & Shop offers exclusivity per category, limiting the number of brands per supplier to a maximum of four. This, coupled with its ability to assist in brand budget participation, makes it one of the most cost-effective methods to drive sales. Brands can maximise their advertising impact without stretching their marketing budgets.

In a nutshell, Smart Q & Shop is an innovative and dynamic in-store advertising solution tailored to meet the challenges of maximising brand exposure and driving sales in the ever-evolving realm of retail environments. Through its unique blend of secondary product positioning, eye-catching posters, and strategic placement in high dwell time areas, the solution equips brands with a powerful platform to effectively engage customers and elevate their shopping experience.