Easing the buying decision of the customer

February 11, 2021

While the South African population is much more comfortable shopping in-store, retailers and brands still have a way to go in making up for the losses experienced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The uncertainty around what the future holds has incited a scramble for the cautious customer spend.

There is a saying that goes: People with choices have power. However, the challenge now is to narrow down those choices for the browsing customer to nurture them into the purchasing funnel. When it comes down to it, the final decision gets made when people are standing in front a shelf. This is the time to stand out from competitors.

How do you do that while keeping the social distancing protocols in mind? Smart Shelf is the equivalent of an in-store promoter, just better. It captures attention, provides detail and leaves a lasting impression without needing a lunch or bathroom break.

The illuminated digital shelf strip comes equipped with a built-in sensor and audio which gives the customer a 360°, multi-sensory experience of the brand being displayed. This media is the 3D enhancement from a traditional static message on traditional static media.

Cecil Ungerer, chief sales officer at Smart Media says, “Our deep understanding of what customers respond to and innovating media around this to simultaneously inform and excite them is the value we are able to bring. Our ultimate objective is to ease the buying decision of the customer.”