Empowering retail personnel-smart medias Smart Staff app

December 11, 2023

In the realm of in-store advertising, Smart Media is a pioneering force, distinguished for their 360-degree integrated retail advertising solutions, meticulously crafted around the shopper’s journey. Central to their groundbreaking offerings is the Smart Staff employee experience application: a state-of-the-art solution dedicated to training pharmacy and front store staff with precision and depth about various products.

Unlocking Potential Through Knowledge

At the core of the Smart Staff offering, which is powered by Cnnect, is a commitment to increasing brand awareness precisely where and when it matters the most. This is achieved by enhancing category and product knowledge among healthcare professionals. By equipping pharmacy and front shop staff with comprehensive training, the app ensures they are not only well-informed about different products but also adept at explaining them to potential customers.

“The Smart Staff app is a technological innovation that places us in the pocket of every pharmacist,” notes Cecil Ungerer, Chief Sales Officer at Smart Media. “Historically, the training of pharmacists on product knowledge presented logistical obstacles and involved considerable expenses. The app, however, seamlessly addresses these issues through its interactive training modules, questionnaires, gamification elements, and the ability to fulfil pharmacists’ CPD requirements,” adds Ungerer.

Tailored Learning for Brands

One distinctive feature of the Smart Staff app is its exclusivity to suppliers. Brands can personalise the learning content for their products, encompassing category training, product training, and detailed reporting. The app also facilitates direct communication between suppliers and pharmacists through push notifications and broadcast messages.

Redesigned for Success

“It is very user-friendly and easy to access my courses,” praised one user. The vibrant colours and straightforward features have garnered positive feedback, emphasising its ease of navigation. The beauty of the Smart Staff app lies in its versatility – it is accessible from any device and any location, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Seamless Updates and Usability

Smart Media has seamlessly integrated updates into the app, eliminating the need for users to download courses manually. Immediate access to all available courses without the wait has been well-received by users. “Nice upgrade! I love the fact that we don’t have to download courses anymore,” one user said. Additionally, the platform addresses visual limitations by allowing users to adjust text sizes to a larger font, similar to a standard browser page.

Instant Gratification for Learners

To ensure the Smart Staff platform remains a pinnacle of innovation, brand surveys are seamlessly integrated. Users can provide feedback on app usage, interaction frequency, desired course inclusions, and even express which brands they hope to learn more about. This interactive feedback loop ensures that the Smart Staff app evolves in tandem with the needs and preferences of its users, creating a dynamic and user-centric learning environment.

“Cultivating an innovative learning ecosystem requires more than just providing information; it demands a collaborative effort. At Smart Media, we understand that the true power lies in the valuable feedback of our users. By actively seeking and embracing their insights, we not only enhance the Smart Staff app’s offerings but also ensure that it continually evolves to meet the dynamic needs of those who rely on it for their professional growth,” ended Cecil Ungerger.

Smart Media’s Smart Staff app is not just a training tool; it’s a strategic differentiator in the competitive landscape of in-store advertising and customer experience. By providing convenient, engaging, and exclusive training for healthcare professionals and retail staff, the app ensures that brands remain at the forefront of both pharmacists’ and customers’ minds.

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