Iliadin Goes OTC with Exclusive Smart Offering

August 16, 2019

In-store advertising innovators Smart Media have partnered with Iliadin to provide the metered nose spray provider their new Over-the-Counter (OTC) Poster Arch branding solution in Dis-Chem Pharmacy stores for a nationwide winter campaign.

This innovative offering sees advertisements placed on the metal queuing rails in the self-medication area of 87 Dis-Chem stores across South Africa, providing a more effective opportunity to be seen. As it is a category exclusive solution, brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors at an area in the retailer that has significant customer traffic.

“We saw an opportunity to reach multiple target audiences and have been developing an innovative solution that keeps production costs low while providing high impact. The double-sided poster not only reaches customers, but also the healthcare professionals behind the counter. This is an incredibly effective way to build brand awareness at a location where customers need to queue. And when the pharmacist or assistant looks up, they are also exposed to the messaging throughout the day,” says Cecil Ungerer, Head of Sales at Smart Media.

The healthcare professionals have been known to promote and favour a displayed brand over others as it is top of mind, creating an advantageous and trustworthy relationship between the product and customers.

The cost-effective OTC Arches communicate a call to action in an important area of the store where branding options to reach consumers are limited. This solution also strengthens the work done by Light Boxes available in the Dispensary area as both mediums are visible to a captive audience who often visit both areas of the store. The arches are strategically placed using existing infrastructure to create maximum brand exposure and are guaranteed to increase brand and product credibility in-store.

“Typically, customers spend some dwell time waiting for scripts in the Dispensary area, especially over weekends. This is where Light Boxes shine. But when it comes to the OTC area, where dwell time is shorter and there is opportunity to view the queuing rails, the Arches offer a simple and effective solution that reinforces the brand message for consumers and healthcare professionals alike.”

On average, there are 14 arches available at a Dis-Chem Pharmacy store. This means Smart Media can dedicate every second arch to a brand, which creates an impactful billboard effect with message repetition in a highly relevant area.

“Our OTC Arches really stand out and provide that visual appeal that is critical in an incredibly cluttered market. We are looking forward to helping Iliadin and many other brands build on their marketing success this winter,” concludes Ungerer.


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