Smart Staff training app hits 100% Dis-Chem Pharmacy engagement

July 23, 2020

Smart Staff is the brainchild of in-store advertising innovator Smart Media’s partnership with e-learning provider Cnnect™, created to train and upskill Dis-Chem pharmacy staff on the move.

After a successful launch in April 2020, Smart Staff’s impact has grown by leaps and bounds. Originally created to give pharmacy staff product, category and CPD training, Smart Staff will soon be expanding its reach to even more Dis-Chem staff. The app makes training accessible, flexible and most importantly, easy to engage with, as pharmacists complete micro-learning modules on their smartphones anywhere, anytime.

Getting to 100% engagement

When it comes to training, simply sharing materials isn’t enough to make a business impact – users have to interact with the information to absorb and retain it. That’s why Regan Du Preez, Head of Business Development at Smart Media, is especially proud of the sky-high rates of engagement the app is enjoying, “In the first few months we saw 90-98% course engagement. The biggest win so far is getting to 100% engagement across Dis-Chem pharmacists nationwide. People love the app.”

In less than four months, the Smart Staff app has shared 12 custom courses with Dis-Chem pharmacists. They’ve learned about key products, done category training, and even had a course focused on COVID-19 related soft skills.

Pharmacy staff have spent over 12,500 hours on the app and completed over 13,000 courses across the group. While the average e-learning course completion rate is between 5-15%, Smart Staff users have racked up an impressive 84% completion rate.

As pharmacy staff collectively spend over 1,000 hours per week training with Smart Staff, it’s easy to see the benefits of these accessible micro-learning modules compared to more traditional training.

Training in the age of social distancing

Dis-Chem’s commitment to e-learning could not have come at a better time. In-person training has always been a strain on pharmacies, as long sessions held by reps disrupted business flow and overwhelmed trainees with hours of new information all at once.

As social distancing becomes a top priority in 2020 and beyond, crowding people in training rooms and interacting with widely travelled reps has become a high-risk activity. Luckily, it’s a risk that is no longer necessary. The Smart Staff app provides pharmacy staff with high quality, impactful training they can do from anywhere: during downtime at work, on their commute, or even at home. Internet connectivity isn’t an issue as the app has been designed for offline functionality.

Onward and upward for Dis-Chem’s Smart Staff training

The success of the Smart Staff app for pharmacy staff training showcases how much potential a completely mobile e-learning training solution holds for Dis-Chem. The Smart Staff app will soon be rolling out with even more features, such as an individual performance dashboard and the ability to craft staff surveys. The user base will also be expanding, watch this space for future developments.

The potential for Smart Staff as an internal communications tool has also been tested with positive results. Quick broadcasts from management can be pushed to each user’s app for immediate consumption, without the need for laboriously scheduled staff meetings. An upcoming integration with Dis-Chem’s staff rewards program D-bucks will add even more motivation to stay engaged with training goals. “The more the staff know, the better they are at helping the public, and making sure the right products reach the right people. Dis-Chem has become a better place with Smart Staff.” says Du Preez.

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