Taking Consideration to Conversion In Store

February 6, 2023

We all know how the marketing funnel works, coaxing customers from general brand awareness to specific product conversions. Most marketing channels, particularly in a digitally driven world, offer spectacular gains for awareness and consideration. Having social network pages and a website gives your customers touch points to be introduced to your business and learn more about its offerings (like you’re doing here). But when it comes from turning awareness and consideration into conversions, an advanced and omnichannel strategy is required.

It’s important to pick the most accurate and effective channels to communicate to your target market in the conversion stage. The top of the funnel is about reaching a broad audience but converting leads is about targeting individual customers at key touch points during the purchasing journey. For instance, you may have raised brand awareness through advertisements on TV, search engines and social media. These efforts likely guided prospects to your product website where they learned more about how it solves their problem. Then they went in-store to make the purchase, but while they were there they walked past multiple in-person touchpoints that guided their conversion toward the product that was advertised in those spaces. Was it your product?

In-store advertising touch points for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are our specialty. We take branding to buying. Your full funnel marketing strategy may be covering the top and middle of the funnel but does it cover the bottom? The last mile as such, a vital section where revenue is generated. With Smart Media’s in-store advertising solutions your brand and products will be emphasised in the customer’s eye, in the place and at a time when it is most important – when they walk through the store entrance, when they take the product off the shelf. The brand awareness and consideration work you did got them into the store, the conversion work we do gets them to make the purchase.